It was a sunny day, I was walking on the beach when I saw him, charming prince on a horse. From first sight we knew this is love of our life. And this is how our story didn’t start 🙂

For us a fairy tale started on a dating web site where prince and princess are trying find love in rush metropolitan life. It was in January 2014 when we went on a date and talked a lot about traveling. One month after that date, Tomas went with his friends to Thailand and Cambodia and me to Hong Kong and Philippines. What a coincidence, right? To meet somebody who has the same passion for traveling and life is rare. Besides few arguments we had almost everything. We lived happily in our flat and had a nice job. We were surrounded by a loving family and friends but deeply in our heart we knew this is not enough. We loved to read inspiring articles and interesting stories. Essential question came up. Risk it all? We don’t know what can happen but we said no regrets! There is no better time so let’s quit our job and find out what we want to do and how we want to live. At the moment we decided to move to Asia where sun is shining, beach is near, food is delicious and people are nice. Cheap price very nice 🙂

 Our travel vows

My promise to him: I will always warn you of very spicy food 🙂

My promise to her: I will not sell you for less then 50 cows 🙂




On the left is me, Tomas. I’m 32 years old, a pure Czech made boy who was born in Pilsen, Czech Republic, where the famous beer Pilsner Urquell was born. I was always passionate for new things and activities. At university I used the first opportunity to live abroad. With Erasmus program I lived , worked and traveled two years in Spain, learned Spanish and caught “want to travel” sickness. After my return I started to live and work in Prague. I had an ordinary life, using my ordinary vacation every year to go to different countries around the world. But ordinary is not the right word for me. I love adventure and action. So in my free time when i am not full attached to some new tech project I do adrenaline activities such as paragliding, diving, climbing or driving fast cars. I can even sail a boat :-). I’m a technology guy with a sense for business who likes starting new things and activities. I always wanted to work for myself to create something new and innovative, and to not be just other 8AM-17PM rat in the rat race. So for now it has the status “working on it”. I have created my own fashion brand Bekoff (www.bekoff.cz). Living and working around the world on new projects and ventures was always my dream. I thought for a long time I would follow this path alone because all my relationships didn't last long. But suddenly one day I met the girl who wants to travel the world too.
On the right (because I’m always right...hehe) is me – Edita. I’m 30 years old, half vietnamese, half polish girl who was born in Slovakia. From my teenage years I knew I wanted more then to live in a small city. So I moved to Prague, in the Czech Republic, where I lived for 11 years. I got my first job and started to study university also. All with the dream to be a successful business girl who would meet a sucessful husband in a suit and get married and build a house with a big garden (a pool would be nice too) and have two nice kids and a lovely dog. But one day, after all the bad relationships, I decided to go on vacation to Asia. It should have been a standard vacation for four girls, but for me it was the breakpoint. When we returned to our normal life I was not able to live like before. I was crying and wanted to go back. Then one year later I was with my friend Tasci in Vietnam. Another amazing vacation. The next year I went with a group of five friends to Hong Kong and the Philippines. I thought to myself, 'I will work every year for my next long trip to Asia.' I also have a big passion for cooking, especially asian food. I love to visit food markets and take a lot of pictures. I feel like a crazy girl with camera and I’m able to take a tousands pictures in one minute  To travel and live in Asia was only my dream and I had no idea that one day I would meet him and my life would change.


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