How Much Does It Cost To Visit Thailand?
March 21, 2016

If you have never been in Asia it is hard to imagine how much does it cost to visit Thailand. We are pretty sure that besides airfare you don’t have a clear idea about costs in Thailand. Below you can see an approximate prices in Thailand for accommodation, food, drinks, activities and transport. Thailand may be expensive but also very cheap. We have traveled Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar very cheap for 40$ per day for both of us. Now we live in Thailand for 30$ per day for both of us, included apartment with kitchen, motorbike, food, and some fun. So cheap, right? Based on costs listed below you will see that Thailand is financial affordable. But If you are in Thailand on vacation expect higher expenses, as you want to explore, eat, and relax as much as possible in a limited time period.

TIP: At the end of the article, see a sample calculation of costs for 2 people on 14 days. 


Thailand has a free Visa on arrival for 52 countries with maximum stay of 30 days but only if entering Thailand via international airport and strictly for tourism purposes. Be aware that if you enter through a land border you will have maximum stay of 15 days. If you want to stay more than 30 days we recommend you to manage a 60 days Tourist Visa before departure to Thailand or from any other surrounding country with Thai embassy. These Visa can be then extended for another 30 days just by visiting any Thai embassy in the country and paying small fee.


There’s something for everyone in Thailand from backpackers budget rooms to high end luxury resorts. Thailand offers many type of accommodation in different price range. Whether you are looking for cheap options or private pool villas, Thailand has it all. Also consider time of year. High season (November through March) means double prices for accommodation in most places.

Northern Thailand (the cheapest location)
  • Classic dorm, guesthouse or double room: 200-400 baht
  • 3* and 4* hotels: 500 baht
  • Luxury 5* hotels and resorts: start at 3500 baht
  • Classic dorm, guesthouse or double room: 400-700 baht
  • Very nice midrange hotels close to skytrain: 1000-1500 baht
  • Hight rated 3* hotels: 2000-3000 baht
  • High rated, outdoor pool, breakfast included, close to train station hotels: from 3000 baht
The southern Thailand (island paradise)
  • Bunk bed, bamboo bungalow, standard bungalow, simple double room: 300-800 baht
  • Very nice clean double rooms: 800-1500 baht
  • Midrange beach property bungalows, and hotels: 1500 – 3000 baht
  • Resorts, villas, family bungalows: 3000B – 6000 baht
  • Boutigue and luxury resorts: 6000 baht
How much did we pay for accommodation in high season?
  • Chiang Mai: double room and shared bathroom at Huean Samila for 200 baht.
  • Bangkok: perfect double room at VX The Fifty hotel for 680 baht.
  • Ao Nang Beach Krabi: double room with fan: 700 baht.
  • Koh Lanta: long-term apartment with kitchen for 10 000 baht monthly.


Thai cuisine is delicious and one of the most popular cuisine in the world. Thailand has more popular dishes than any other country. Taste balance is significant for Thai chefs. Thai food tastes and looks great – colorful and balanced flavor will take to you to nirvana. Another reason why you should visit Thailand 🙂 And how to recognize which Thai restaurant is good? Don’t look at the menu, facility or even the prices. Look at the number of people inside. That’s your quality and taste indicator.

Food prices
  • Street food (fried rice, fried noodles, fried chicken, thai spicy salad): 60–80 baht
  • Thai restaurants with thai food (classic plastic chairs sitting): 80-200 baht
  • Western restaurants: 200–400B
Few examples of specific food price:
  • Thai pancake: 40-60 baht
  • Thai barbecue: 1pc 10-20 baht
  • Springroll: 1pc 10 baht
  • Spicy papaya salad: 60-100 baht
  • Phad thai chicken: 60-120 baht
  • Fried basil with  meat: 80-120 baht
  • Grilled whole fish: 300-500 baht
  • Fried rice: 80-120 baht
Drink prices

Beer: 35 – 80 baht
1,5L water: 12-17 baht
Small Cola, Sprite: 15 baht
Big Cola, Sprite: 25-30 baht
Wine: from 250 baht
Local rum: 180-300 baht
Ice coffee: 10 baht


Beer: 70 – 150 baht
1,5L water: 40 baht
Small Cola, Sprite: 30 baht
Glass of wine: from 80 baht
Bucket of rum: 250 baht
Coctails: 150-200 baht
Fruit shake: 70-100 baht
Ice coffee: 60 baht

Street stall

Fruit shakes: 30-60 baht
Fresh green coconut: 40-50 baht
Iced tea: 20-40 baht
Iced coffee: 30-50 baht


  • Organised tour or activity: 700–1700 baht
  • Diving: from 3000 baht (depends on location and season)
  • Masssage: 1hour from 300 baht
  • Cooking class: 1500-3000 baht


  • Public transport in Bangkok: 10–50 baht one road (bus, metro, sky train)
  • Taxi: starts at 35 baht plus every km around 9 baht (take taxis who agree to run their meters)
  • Tuk Tuk: negotiate a reasonable price
  • Motorbike rent 1 day: 150-250 baht (you will get better price when you rent more days)
  • Petrol 1L: from 27 baht (at petrol stations, otherwise 1L costs 50 baht)
  • Car hire: from 800 baht
  • Domestic flights: from 700 baht (Thai airlines offer promotions)
  • Speed boat: 250-400 baht (from Krabi to Phi Phi, from Phi Phi to Lanta, etc.)


  • 1kg mango: 40-80 baht
  • 1kg papaya: 40-60 baht
  • 1kg dragon fruit: 40-70 baht
  • 1kg banana: from 30 baht
  • 1 pinnaple: from 15 baht
  • 1 apple: 5-10 baht
  • herbs: 10 baht
  • 1kg tomatoes: 30-50 baht
  • 1kg cucumber: 30-50 baht
  • 1kg rice: from 30 baht
  • 1l milk: 40 baht
  • 200gr cheese from 150 baht


This option assumes that you don’t need a beach front room, you’ll rent a motorbike and eliminate taxi, eat like locals, choose cheaper activities, no partying hard, but still having a lot of fun 🙂

Accommodation: 13 nights in good rated double room with fan 500 baht per night = total 186 USD.
Food: 2x main dish in thai restaurant, street food, average 300 baht = total 120 USD
Fruit shakes: 6 fruit shakes = total 7 USD
Drinks from market: 28 big waters, 10 beers = total 21 USD
Drinks in restaurant: to save money avoid drink in restaurant. Let’s say 4 beers, water = total 12 USD
Activities: in 14 days for 2 we would absolve 4x island trips, 1x diving (Tomas), 1x cooking class (Edita), 4x massages = total 246 USD
Transport: local transport from/to airport, taxi Bangkok, motorbike on islands 10 days rental, speed boat 4x in 14 days = total 70 USD


This calculation assume that you are more picky and desire air-con room, prefer to stay close to the beach, eat food in restaurant, more partying, using taxi, and want more activities than budget traveler.

Accommodation: 13 nights in nice double aircon room close to sea 1000 baht per night = 372 USD.
Food: eat in thai local restaurants, western food, street food, sweets, daily 500 baht for 2 = 200 USD
Fruit shakes: in 14 days fruit shake every 3rd day = 10 USD
Drinks: 28 big waters, 10 beers, 4 coffee, 1 bottle of rum = total 35 USD
Drinks in restaurant: 4 beers, 2 coctails, some non alcoholic drinks = 25 USD
Activities: 2x island trips, 1x diving, 1x cooking class, 4x massages, and multiple 2 people = 490 USD
Transport: expect 2x taxi from/to airport, taxi Bangkok, motorbike on islands 10 days rental, speed boat 4x in 14 days = 100 USD

SUMMARY: if you visit Thailand as a tourist and you want to enjoy as much as possible, costs can be high. But still when you compare vacation in Thailand to any other exotic destinations, its a great budget destination.