Mango sticky rice
December 27, 2015

Mango is one of my favorite fruit and together with sweet coconut rice it is simply the heaven in your mouth. Mango sticky rice is classic and the most famous desert in Thailand. I was waiting too long before I tried it. I didn’t expect nothing special and I do not search for deserts. But when I had to choose in cooking class what desert I want to learn I decided it’s time to try and learn how to prepare mango sticky rice. One bite convinced me that I will love this desert forever!! You can’t imagine it. You simply have to try it and fall in love 🙂


– 1 ½ kg. cooked sticky rice – recipe below
– 6 tbsp. palm sugar (or brown sugar)
– 1 tsp. salt (to balance taste)
– 1 litre coconut milk
– 1 sliced ripe mango


1. Heat the coconut milk, add sugar and salt and stir well
2. Pour coconut milk into a big bowl
3. Add the sticky rice and mix together and leave for 30 min
4. Stir one more time and serve on a plate with sliced mango

Cooking sticky rice:

Getting the right type of rice is a must if you want proper sticky rice.
Look for bags labeled “long-grain sticky rice,” “sweet rice” or “glutinous rice.”

1st option: Soak sticky rice grains in the water (room temperature) for overnight. Drain the rice grains then wrap with cotton and put into the bamboo basket (or other steaming basket) on the pot. Put the water into the pot for steaming. The water level should be 1 inch below the rice. Steam rice about 30 minutes. When the rice is slightly soft and clearer in colour then it is done. Remove from pot and serve with the individual baskets.

2nd easier option: Simply cook rice in rice cooker 