How we quit our jobs and decided to travel
October 17, 2015

I thought it will be so easy to write a post, especially when you should write something what have you told so many times before to all your relatives and friends. I’m communicative and able to speak hours and hours and now my head is empty. At the beginning it should have been blog for our family and friends, who wants to see how our travel journey is going on. But we would like to share our stories to everybody.  When we decided to quit our jobs and travel almost everybody told us “I wish I could do the same”. I hope our blog will be inspiration for everybody who needs to take courage and travel. Now we can tell it is so easy and don’t wait. There is never right timing to quit your job and travel. It is cliché but it’s true that life is too short to regret what we missed!

We are couple almost 2 years and I think we met to encourage to fulfill our dreams. From the first moment we talked a lot about traveling, life, inspiring people and mostly about our dreams. From childhood we wanted “to create something from nothing”. But years passed so fast and after school we started promising career. We can tell that we were successful in our job but we missed flexibility and freedom. We were part of big corporation waiting for monthly salary and annual bonus, of course if company was sufficiently successful to share profit.  Every day the same alarm clock and the same issue “hard to wake up for another day in rat race”. Every day the same morning coffee, emails, tasks and waiting for lunch. Every day working on projects which might be interesting but not ours. Every day follow corporate rules and weird processes. Just work to make somebody else rich and happy. The worst was the lack of freedom and waiting on vacation. Frankly speaking we had nice salary and we were not working till midnight but it was not what we expected from our life.

To find courage and quit job took us not weeks or months but years! Everybody has important breakpoints in life and depends only on us how we will deal with it. We had few moments but we were too scary for big change. So when we could no longer stand it, we gave notice and took another promising position. But it was the same story. Happy to work in a good company for somebody as best we could. We were lucky to meet a lot of nice colleagues who became friends and learned a lot. We believe that nothing happens without any reason and thanks to our previous jobs we found out what we don’t want.

Time flies so fast and lot of our friends are getting married, building a house and having kids. I’m 30 and Tomas 32. What a nice age to build a family too, right? But how we can live and share dreams with our kids if we can’t prove them it is possible? How to start our own business when we are full time employed and afraid to change it? And how to find what we want in our satisfied life? We stopped asking questions and seeing barriers. I really liked what my previous general manager used to tell on meetings “get out from comfort zone”.  The truth is that our comfortable life and good  salary were the biggest barrier.

As I mentioned, there is never right time to quit. Tomas knew that he needed to work whole year to get annual bonus. Despite that fact he left before the end of the year to find new inspiration, avoid cold weather and reach the beach with no guarantee that company would evaluated his work and effort for most of the year. For me it was hard to quit the job where I became manager and had amazing boss with promising new projects to work on it. If we wait another months I think we will wait forever. Annual financial bonus we will substitute for travel memories and we will still be managers of our life!

So one day we woke up ready to quit. We knew that we will have to leave our apartment and use all our savings for this adventure. But as our blog motto says “In the end, we only regrets the chances we didn’t take”

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  1. Obdivujem Vás, no viem, že na takéto niečo je potrebné mať dostatok peňazí.
    Držím Vám palce 😉

    1. Ahoj, dakujeme za podporu. Viac ako penazi to chcelo odvahu opustit zabehnuty zivot, pracu, rodinu a kamaratov. Vsetky nasetrene peniazky sme namiesto hypoteky investovali do cestovania. Cestujeme a zijeme skromne za 40$ na den. Najdi lacnu letenku a skus na zaciatok dovolenku. Ak budes velmi chciet da sa pracovat online alebo dobrovolnicit. Aj my sa snazime pracovat “online” aby sme mali co to malo na zivot. Inac nam o chvilu dojdu uspory.. a my sa domov tak rychlo vratit nechceme 🙂 Pekny den, Edit & Tom